About us

The story behind ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ cannot start without first mentioning our “big brother”. With Grain Trip, we dreamed of taking everyone who visited our bakery on an exciting journey around the world, where they could discover the tastes and treats of new destinations on each visit. We were homebakers for a very long time until we could make Grain Trip Bakery a reality. We opened its doors in April 2018, bringing 100% sourdough breads and tasty pastries, filled with love and character, to our hometown of Bucharest in Romania.

The idea for ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ existed long before we opened our bakery. As self-taught homebakers ourselves, we envisioned a community resource with useful information and recipes, together with the finest ingredients and utensils, that could create the tastiest of loaves. We learned by travelling throughout Europe, discovering the best ingredients and stories about their farming and milling over generations, which developed our appreciation of prime grains and spectacular flours.

Along the way, Grain Trip Bakery became a second home for us as it did for many of you. We never forgot our first calling though and kept in touch with our fellow homebakers. It was during the Covid-19 lockdown, when we launched a simple challenge to teach everyone how to build a sourdough starter and make bread, that things really took off. The response was well beyond anything we could have imagined, and soon our homebaking community had grown to thousands of members in towns and cities around the world.

‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ is first and foremost about this wonderful community that kept all our spirits alive during these difficult times. We were thrilled to learn that so many of you found solace in the ancient art of breadmaking, and this rekindled our dreams for a special place dedicated to homebakers. At ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’, we are striving to give you the best information and guidelines, using both our first-hand homebaking experience and professional baking know-how.

All the products listed on our page are carefully tested and curated by our bakers, so you can get your hands on the finest products available, whether you live in Romania or abroad.

We select both local and international suppliers who are committed to excellence in their respective fields, and can provide you with the finest options.

Keep calm & bake the world a better place!