Borodinsky bread, a Russian story for the ages

Main features: dense, brick-like bread Type of dough: rye, sticky dough Flours used: rye flour, red rye malt, wheat flourTips for a correct execution: Tips for a correct execution: proofing times can be very short, keep your eyes on the dough at all times; Rest the bread for at least 24 hours (ideally 48 hours) after baking before cutting; Working with this type of dough can be very difficult, having wet hands and utensils helps. Pairing: works best in association with fish, caviar, cured meats. […]

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What factors does your starter’s character depend on

We keep saying that not all sourdough starters are the same, that each one is unique. Even if your starter was not your own doing, that is if you got it from someone, now that starter is yours and has little to do with the starter it originated from. What is of particular interest in a sourdough starter are the following factors: Acidity Proofing power Acidity id given by, you guessed it, the acids that are being produced by your starter. But this runs a […]

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About us

The story behind ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ cannot start without first mentioning our “big brother”. With Grain Trip, we dreamed of taking everyone who visited our bakery on an exciting journey around the world, where they could discover the tastes and treats of new destinations on each visit. We were homebakers for a very long time until we could make Grain Trip Bakery a reality. We opened its doors in April 2018, bringing 100% sourdough breads and tasty pastries, filled with love and character, to our hometown of Bucharest in Romania.

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