How to keep your starter refrigerated

If you have reached the point where you have an active starter, but you’re not making bread that often, refrigerating your starter is a good way to preserve it without needing to feed it every 12 hours and discard that much flour. The advice in this article is regarding active, stable starters. If you have a very young starter (younger than one month) or it’s still not stable (if it doesn’t have a predictable behavior after each feed) or if for any reason it’s still […]

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Dough kneading

Kneading your dough is basically the first phase you go through to get from a bag of flour to a beautiful loaf. What happens in your dough when you knead it? You hydrate the flour. Flour will undergo a great transformation once in contact with water. Gluten begins to form in your dough, as you just add water to your flour. You don’t even need to knead it, the gluten can form by itself. You need to gradually add water to the flour and only […]

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About us

The story behind ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ cannot start without first mentioning our “big brother”. With Grain Trip, we dreamed of taking everyone who visited our bakery on an exciting journey around the world, where they could discover the tastes and treats of new destinations on each visit. We were homebakers for a very long time until we could make Grain Trip Bakery a reality. We opened its doors in April 2018, bringing 100% sourdough breads and tasty pastries, filled with love and character, to our hometown of Bucharest in Romania.

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