Welcome, Homebakers!

The moment we have been waiting for many many years has finally arrived as we launch our brand new Homebakers by Grain Trip platform. We are mighty happy to have gone through with this project and we couldn’t start off any other way than by asking for your feedback. As this is all very new to us and because we now deliver anywhere in Europe (yes, we can finally deliver outside Romanian borders), we encourage you to use the platform and online shop and send […]

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How do you convert your sourdough starter

We are talking about converting your starter, wither by feeding it with a different kind of flour or by increasing/ decreasing its hydration level. E.g. you have a starter you usually feed with white bread flour and you want to convert that starter to a rye one or you keep your starter at a 100% hydration and you would like to take that down to 70%. If you want to feed your starter with a different flour You can simply do it and there is […]

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About us

The story behind ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ cannot start without first mentioning our “big brother”. With Grain Trip, we dreamed of taking everyone who visited our bakery on an exciting journey around the world, where they could discover the tastes and treats of new destinations on each visit. We were homebakers for a very long time until we could make Grain Trip Bakery a reality. We opened its doors in April 2018, bringing 100% sourdough breads and tasty pastries, filled with love and character, to our hometown of Bucharest in Romania.

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