How to maintain a sourdough culture

Whether you grew your own starter from scratch or received one from a friend, your starter will need to be maintained, that is fed. Over time, you will learn to adjust your feeding schedule to best suit your needs, but if you are relatively new at this, we suggest a feeding option in 1: 3: 3 ratios, that is: 1 part starter: 3 parts water: 3 parts flour Examples 10 g starter + 30 g water + 30 g flour 5 g starter + 15 […]

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When can I use my starter?

How do you know when your starter is ripe and ready to be used for breadmaking? More importantly, how do you know if your starter is able to render a good loaf? The following discussion is regarding stable sourdough starters, if you just began building your starter, you need to take some time to feed it regularly until it stabilizes. Trust the process. So, once you have a viable sourdough culture, when you see that your starter has fermented (at least doubled its volume ideally […]

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About us

The story behind ‘Homebakers by Grain Trip’ cannot start without first mentioning our “big brother”. With Grain Trip, we dreamed of taking everyone who visited our bakery on an exciting journey around the world, where they could discover the tastes and treats of new destinations on each visit. We were homebakers for a very long time until we could make Grain Trip Bakery a reality. We opened its doors in April 2018, bringing 100% sourdough breads and tasty pastries, filled with love and character, to our hometown of Bucharest in Romania.

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